EverQuest 2

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Sony Online Entertainment


EverQuest 2 is a free to play fantasy-based 3-D MMORPG where players can explore the vast fictional realm of Norrath as the story continues 500 years after the original EverQuest title. In this game players get to carve out their own adventure as they face off against dangerous creatures and monsters, untold evils and seek out fame and fortune as they become legends.


- Huge world to explore
- A wide variety of classes to choose from
- Customise your character from a range of races
- Thousands of quests to discover and complete
- And involved crafting system to create your own items
- A wealth of history and lore from the previous game as well as numerous expansions
- Completely free to play


Players are able to create their own unique character, an avatar that will become their own hero as they train them up in various skills and professions to make them expert adventurers skilled in combat. Exploring the world players will be able to pick up various quests that will lead them into dangerous territories to kill monsters, gain valuable treasures and earn experience in which to further advance and customise their own character. Players can play solo or work together with groups of other players as they cooperate to complete missions or even form a larger permanent group with a Guild. The game primarily focuses on PVE content but there are dedicated PVP servers for those players who enjoy PKing.


When creating a character players will be able to choose from for primary roles; Fighters, Healers, Scouts and Mages, each one being proficient in a particular style of combat that can be used to fulfil specific duties when part of a group. Each role is broken down further into three or four different classes and then further broken down with each class having to unique specialisations, e.g:

From such physical combatants as the Guardians with their excellent defensive skills or Berserkers that are the personification of unbridled fury focusing on all-out damage, the noble Paladin who is able to use divine magic to enhance players and heal them or the Shadow Knights who are malevolent combatant’s that bring fear and despair with their dark magic and life draining abilities.

Focusing on healing and aiding their companions, these adventurers can take on the shape of powerful Fury druids who embody the more primal forces of nature capable of destruction and defence whereas the Warden focus more on regenerative healing and the ability to heal their allies of poisons and disease and are even noted shape changers. Templars are classic clerics able to both heal with their divine powers as well as pacify their enemies with their abilities, in comparison the Inquisitor can both heal their allies as well as deal incredible damage to those that harm their companions

Ideal as a support role the Scout comes in many forms, from the Beastlord warriors that use both their natural instincts and their animal companions to help them or the Troubadour Bard that can inspire their companions and protect them with their magical songs, or simply a shadowy Assassin that are able to surprise their victims and debilitate them with deadly poisons.

Furious arcane casters they range from the powerful Wizards that harness the elements to create purely destructive attacks on their enemies or the Necromancer who is master over death and decay able to dominate the on dead and make them their permanent servitors whereas the Conjuror are able to summon elemental minions to do their bidding.


There are a wide variety of races for players to choose from divided between Good, Evil and Neutral races as determined by their history and their general philosophies, these range with everything from classic fantasy races such as the Dwarf, Halfling and High Elf to more unique races such as the Froglok (frog people), Sarnak (dragon race), Ratonga (ra tfolk) and more.


O/S: Windows: Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
CPU: 2GHz or greater, dual core or higher
Video: Direct X9 compatible, pixel and vertex shader compatible with 256MB texture memory
Sound: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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