Club Cooee

Club Cooee 3D Chat & Virtual World

GENRE: Free to play Online Chat Simulator
PLATFORM: Windows & Mac


A free to play chat platform Club Cooee offers users the chance to create an online character and exist in a 3-D chat room environment where instead is simply being a name in a list players will have their own avatar to move around rooms and interact with both players and furniture. With a wide selection of customisation options and fun room features the game takes chatting to a new level.


- Character appearance customisation
- Extensive character wardrobe and accessories to purchase
- Level up and unlock new furniture and clothing
- Create your own rooms for private functions or open public areas
- Visit the Quiz Rooms for fun general knowledge questions
- Visit the DJ Rooms to listen to and play music for other users
- Completely free to play
- Cross platform compatibility


Whilst at its core it is a chat room platform and not specifically a game Club Cooee offers a number of features that allow players to interact with the world and customise their characters in ways similar to many MMORPGs and soul simply calling it a Chat Room doesn’t do justice. Players will start by fully customising their own unique character, a representation of themselves as either a lifelike representation or a colourful and crazy creation. Users can move around the 3-D environments and interact with chairs, doors, DJ decks and more creating a more social vibe when chatting with other people.


Players will initially create their character using a variety of facial features, including positioning, skin colour (including the blue or green), hair style and more to create the basic look of the character avatar that will represent them in game; though these appearances can be changed at any time.

From here players are able to customise the clothes that their character wears, ranging from stylish club gear, casual hoodies and sneakers or even full evening wear with top hats. With such a diverse range of clothing play should be able to find something that suits their own personality, but to acquire these items players must purchase them from the shop using the in game currencies.

As well as their own clothing players can also purchase animations that their character can equip and perform, ranging from waving, a number of different dance moves to even getting down on one knee to propose. Alongside these animations are a number of exclusive emoticons that players can display during chat for other people to see.


The chat rooms themselves are 3D environments that players can move around with their avatar characters, interacting with objects such as chairs, hammocks, couches and more as they socialize with the other rooms occupants. The rooms come in both internal club type environments as well as chilled out beach areas. The rooms primarily fall into three categories:

Quiz Rooms – Here players can play on a quiz terminal to answer general knowledge questions, which will increase their quiz rating, the rooms are public and players can compete against each other.

DJ Rooms – These rooms have DJ decks that players can take turns interacting with (different decks have different DJ level requirements) and players can either selecting videos directly from YouTube (typically music) and play them to the rest of the room, complete with a big screen for people to watch the video as well. Alternatively players can upload songs from their hard drive, playing their favourite tunes or even their own music.

Personal Room – Players are able to furnish their own room, purchasing items from the shop they can choose from an extensive selection of decorations and accessories to give their room its own theme; whether a private place to chill out or a functioning club open to the public.


The two currencies in game are Cooee Points and Cooee Cash; Points can be earned simply by being logged into the game or by filling out surveys and clicking ad links, or they can purchase Cash using real world money.

Whilst the game is free to play a lot of the cooler clothing and furniture items are restricted to VIP subscribers, giving a big perk to those who choose to spend money on the game.


Low System Requirements
3MB Client
Internet Connection


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