AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D


AdventureQuest 3D is a 3D reboot of the popular browser RPG AdventureQuest where players can jump into a fantasy land of monsters and magic where players will grow their hero, make them stronger and attain powerful items so that they can face greater challenges. Free to play, the game can be accessed across multiple platforms and provides fun gameplay and 3D graphics is a Cross-Platform MMORPG Free to Play Game.


- Four playable classes in one character
- Fully 3D graphics
- A world of monsters to fight
- Explore the open world or battle in instanced dungeons
- Access the game from multiple platforms
- Completely free to play


A traditional MMORPG at heart the game sees a typically classic fantasy setting filled with ogre like monsters, winged one eyed critters, giant spiders and more that you would expect to see as you roam around with sword and shield in hand beating everything up. The game is, currently, extremely PVE focused as new features are constantly rolled out, but the game is essentially a quest based levelling MMORPG where players will grow steadily strong by earning XP and levelling up or acquiring more powerful gear.


There are four available classes to choose, though players can independently change their character class to whichever one they like at any time, providing they are out of combat. With a quick switch, players get the full arsenal of that Classes 4 key abilities and their general basic attack; the four classes to choose from are:

Warrior – a heavy physical fighter who is able to control the balance of combat by using their War Cry ability to bolster themselves and nearby allies or use special attacks to hinder and weaken opponents before smashing them with their melee weapons.

Guardian – another melee combatant that heads directly into the fray, the Guardian focuses more on supporting their companions with defensive attributes, able to stack their Guardian Strike ability on enemies the more it stacks they can deal extra damage with their Dragon’s Breath attack, or heal more damage with their Healing Strike.

Rogue – a melee fighter that times their attacks, using Stealth they disappear from the sight of their enemies and strike unseen applying stacks of poison on enemies that they can then explode, or brutal kicks that daze their opponents.

Mage – a ranged combatant hurling spells from a distance, this arcane fighter hurls balls of fire and calls down lightning upon their enemies, or for those unfortunate to get too close they are quickly met with a wave of arcane power dealing heavy AOE damage whilst the mage protects themselves with a Mana Shield.

Each class has a healthpool and must manage their mana that is used up each time one of their four abilities is used; their basic attack uses no mana so they always have some offensive capabilities. If a player falls in battle then they are able to resurrect at the beginning of the area after ten seconds. Players will build up their stats, with different stats benefiting different classes more or less, which can primarily be done with gear where each equipped item as well as looking great grants players stat boosts. As players combine the four classes into one character it means that a single suit of armor the player is wearing might be more beneficial to one class over another, but players are free to carry around multiple suits for all situations!


One of the key elements of AdventureQuest is its cross platform compatibility where players, regardless of their device whether mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac, can all play in the same game together. If you’re sat at home on your PC then you can still do a raid with your friend on a long car journey home! The graphical user interface has been designed to accommodate touch screen technology with the attack keys accessible in the same region on large buttons, and menus available through single click/touch buttons.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG

PLATFORM: Windows / Web Browser / iOS / Android / Mac

DEVELOPER: Artix Entertainment


Internet Browser

Operating System: OSX 10.8+ or Win 7+
Processor: 2.66ghz Dual Core
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB
Graphics: 1GB

iPhone 5+ / iPad 2+ OS7 or higher
Android OS 4.0.3


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