Exclusive first look at Bahamarama, Farmerama’s new expansion

Exclusive first look at Bahamarama, Farmerama's new expansion

Follow us to take a look at Bigpoint’s new Farmerama expansion, Bahamarama: The Secret of the Monkey Temple, where players continue to expand their garden's plots with the new plantation, unlocking new plants, crops and animals through the Monkey Temple. Farmerama is a classic build and gather game in which you develop your gardens, keep them well tended, and gather crops to increase your level.

We checked out the new region in the game, with just a single click of the button we were teleported to the Island of Bahamarama. There are currently two locations of interest on the island, the Monkey Temple where you can unlock items, trees, crops and animals using Golden Bananas as well as your plantation where you can place these newly acquired items. The developers also plan to add an Island Factory used to craft items and a harbour to dispatch treasure and land seeking expeditions.

We had a quick look over the temple and by unlocking new chambers you gain access to better crops and animals that, whilst more expensive to place, yield a lot more Experience Points (EP) to level up your character. The themes of these new articles are more exotic than the more common items in the standard Farmerama.

Placing down some plots of land, we show how, with a few clicks, we could plant our sugarcane, water it, add some booster goodies to it and watch as it slowly grows into a crop we could harvest to gain much needed EP. We also placed down a Monkey Playground (that we couldn’t do much with) and a DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/ North Korea) flag, which served no purpose other than being a decoration.

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