Elvenar Halloween with M-A-C Cosmetics

Elvenar Halloween with M-A-C Cosmetics
Elvenar Halloween with M-A-C Cosmetics

The changing of the leaves signals the return of fall in the world of Elvenar and the beginning of this year’s new Halloween event. From today through November 11 players will celebrate this spooky season by completing a line of quests and daily tasks in exchange for new items and rewards. Through Elvenar’s collaboration with M-A-C Cosmetics, players will also be eligible to win additional prizes, conjure up their own Halloween look and select from new in-game avatars inspired by makeup looks from three outstanding content creators. With diversity at the core of this collaboration, all are welcome and there are no limits to the imagination this Halloween.

Elvenar Hallowenn MAC cosmetics Avatar Angelo Elf

Following an explosion of the witch’s brew, players are enlisted to find Mrs. Sniffle’s cat Bruno and rebuild the witch’s hut by completing quests and searching the outskirts of their cities for Magic Ingredients. These can then be traded for candles, lanterns and flash flasks to clear the way through the misty forest. It’s important to use the items wisely as each clears a different amount of mist. One never knows what may lie ahead.

Elvenar Hallowenn MAC cosmetics Avatar Angelo Human

“This year’s event is brand new and for the first time we’ve introduced the tile mechanic into the game to give players a new challenge in addition to the new storyline, prizes and avatars.” says Product Owner Nino Protic. “Our team works hard to provide regular updates that deliver new, diverse content on a biweekly basis. Collaborating with the content creators to design new avatars based on their makeup alongside the new event has allowed us to do just that. We hope to see many players using these new human and elf avatars not only because they look fantastic but also as a statement for diversity.”

Elvenar Hallowenn MAC cosmetics Avatar Luisa Elf

Daily Exclusives can be found beneath the fog and allow players to acquire items old and new, including brand new buildings, buildings that have returned from past events and other exciting rewards. The forest is also home to some Friendly Spirits. Find enough spirits and more prizes are in store, including Witch’s Hut Artifacts, which will allow players to upgrade the Witch’s Hut building to its highest stage. Milestone Rewards are available at several points during the questline as an extra treat.

Elvenar Hallowenn MAC cosmetics Avatar Luisa Human

The Halloween event also brings with it new avatars based on makeup looks created by drag queen Vava Vilde, M-A-C Global Senior Artist Angelo Rauseo and M-A-C National Artist Luisa Sporkenbach. Inspired by the magical world of Elvenar, each creator used M-A-C products to design their looks, more of which can be found on the InnoGames, Elvenar and M-A-C social media channels. New M-A-CxElvenar filters are available for use on Instagram and will give users and idea of how the makeup would look on before following along to the creators’ step-by-step YouTube tutorials available here:

Elvenar Hallowenn MAC cosmetics Avatar Vava Elf

Elvenar - M-A-C Cosmetic Video - Elvenar Halloween Event

“It’s exciting to see an avatar based on one of my makeup looks,” says drag queen Vava Vilde. “I was inspired by Elvenar’s Fire Elementals to create a look that works perfectly for Halloween. I hope these looks show people that every day products can be used to create unique looks and that this encourages others to get creative and rethink what they can do with M-A-C products.”

To further celebrate, Elvenar and M-A-C are hosting a giveaway competition with exciting prizes for those who create and share their own Elvenar-themed looks – including the chance to be featured in Elvenar. Prizes will be available for the top three looks, with the grand prize winner receiving M-A-C Cosmetic products worth EUR 500, a makeup bag, 5,000 diamonds of virtual in-game currency* and the creation of a new in-game avatar based on their submission. To enter, participants should (1) Follow Elvenar on Instagram, (2) Follow M.A.C Cosmetics Germany on Instagram and (3) Post of picture of your Elvenar-inspired makeup on Instagram using the hashtag #MACxElvenar between now and 23:59 CET on November 11, 2020.

Elvenar can be played for free and is available on Elvenar for PC, Elvenar for Android and Elvenar for iOS..

*Virtual in-game currency, no cash out, non-transferable.

About Elvenar
Elvenar is a city-building Strategy-MMO set in a fantasy world. Tasked with creating a flourishing city, players can choose between Elves or Humans. This choice affects the appearance of the cities and their inhabitants, as well as the available technologies and units. The Elves live in the midst of magical creatures in harmony with nature, while Humans are ambitious builders and engineers. Between managing resources, leveling up buildings and unlocking new perks, players should also pay attention to the multiplayer-map if they want to find valuable relics. Yet, players might have to fight numerous fantastic creatures for them. Since its release in May 2015, Elvenar has been receiving continuous content updates, and as a cross-platform title, players can switch between browser, iOS and Android devices at any time.

Source: Innogames - Elvenar for PC, Elvenar for Android and Elvenar for iOS.

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