E3 2011- World of Tanks is becoming a F2P phenomenon

E3 2011- World of Tanks is becoming a F2P phenomenon

World of Tanks is proving that he is the F2P phenomenon of the year as witnessed by numerous international media.

Wargaming.net already has winned numerous trophies from critics and is awaiting final results of the E3. World of Tanks has been awarded with the "Rising Star Award", "Best game that deserves a prize," "Hidden Treasure" and "Best Stand" by several international media.

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Wargaming.net in addition brings you the video that they produced for the E3 2011, where you can see his stand and the tanks that they bring to the event and dominated the entrance of the convention. At E3 2011, World of Tanks has submitted its version 0.6.4 to the press, where they could see the Clan Wars, the map for world domination and the journalists who attended were able to participate in a competition where the best commander was able to win great gifts.


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