Drones Invades Zombies Monsters Robots

Zombies Monsters Robots' latest update launches today, introducing to the game drone companions, five new maps, a new competitive game mode and a new improved leveling-rewards system. Watch the launch trailer below!

Players will now be able to unlock mechanical companions that fight alongside them in co-op modes. There are four unique drone types, each one with their own unique skills and appearances. And they can be customized with abilities and modifications to best suit the player's play-style.


ZMR shot 1 ZMR shot 2 ZMR shot 3 ZMR shot 4

These are the four drones: Gatling gundrone (higher fire rate and lower damage), Thunderdrone (high-impact grenades), Lazerdrone (fires laser beams) and the Dragondrone (electric bursts that damage multiple targets).

The best biggest and most impactful change in the Game of Drones update is the complete overhaul of leveling rewards. With more free unlocks—including permanent weapons and weapon modifications, drones, turrets, and costumes—, players will now reap rewards just for leveling up.

Watch the trailer now:


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