Discovering Skyforge at Gamescom


Time to talk about Skyforge, which we got the opportunity to check out at this year’s Gamescom. We also recorded some gameplay footage of this gorgeous upcoming MMORPG with unique mechanics and action combat developed by Obsidian.

The Allods Team (developers of Allods Online) is the team behind the game. They have developed a new version of the Allods graphic engine for this title, which it's a huge improvement, we may add.


Skyforge screenshot (8) Skyforge screenshot (3) Skyforge screenshot (30) Skyforge screenshot (27)

So, let's get dirty. We were thrilled to get our hands on Skyforge, which piqued our interest even before Gamescom. We got there before the presentation so we had time to play it by ourselves and at a glance we could tell the graphics are gorgeous with highly detailed visual effects. The animations and FPS rate are up to par.

Soon after we start fiddling around, a developer joined us and explained to us how the basic combat works, how you can switch between the action combat mode to target mode by locking an enemy. He also explained to us how the combo system works, which grants a wide array of attacks while decreasing the learning curve. Then he showed us how the ascension atlas works, which is basically a huge talent tree with all the classes in it. You only get to level up the character once, as you can switch between classes at any given time. Players gain points as they play and they can can spend on those talents unlocking new classes or boosting them and also unlocking new skills.


Skyforge screenshot (24) Skyforge screenshot (21) Skyforge screenshot (16) Skyforge screenshot (13)

Then the presentation started and we got to see more features of the game, such as the leveling up. Instead of just go to a town and gather all quests, quests activate themselves as you get in and out of their influence area. It works more like dynamics events, where you will always be doing something useful despite not picking up all the quests.

Players start as demigods and when they reach a certain amount of points they can become gods, switching their appearance and skills set and becoming bigger instantly. They can unleash hell on their enemies, and this is not a limited time mode, although in PvP it will have some limits.

The interface and overall look of the game is not high fantasy. It features some high-tech elements here and there, which makes it a nice break from all the fantasy mmo games out there as well.

Watch right here some gameplay footage. And if you want to know about this title, click on the "info" button below.


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