DCUO, War of the Light Part I is Here

DC Universe Online, the popular action MMORPG by SOE, has just unleashed War of the Light Part I, the so awaited ninth downloadable content (DLC) pack for the game. This content update is already available for PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Here there are some of the new exciting features that you can find in the DLC:

- New 4-Player Operations
- New Legends PvP Characters
- New Lantern-inspired Gear
New 8-Player Operation
- New Rage Power 
Players can expect to explore a new re-envisioned version of Metropolis while experiencing a new storyline where they will have the chance to meet important characters from different Lantern Corps end explore the whole new Rage powerset.


Players are getting more than just a new storyline with this DLC. We transformed Metropolis for the War of the Light trilogy and created new, expandable environments and content – separate from the original – for players to explore,” said Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director for DC Universe Online. “In War of the Light Part I both heroes and villains can utilize Rage powers, a unique and challenging power set that offers a new tanking mechanic, adding yet another dimension to fights. It looks amazing and I’m looking forward to players mastering the Red Lantern-inspired power.

Source of information: SOE Press release

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