Conflict of Nations WWIII Starter Pack

Conflict of Nations WWIII Free Starter Pack

Conflict of Nations WWIII Starter Pack

Conflict of Nations WWIII and offer for all the new players this Free Pack for the beginers from now to 2 of May.

In this Free Pack for Conflict of Nations World War 3 include ; Free $15 / 15 € FREE Starter pack: 90 days of premium account for free! (building queue, shared espionage and more..) for wvery new player use our link.

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Step 2. Register to the game use this link Conflict of Nations WWIII and login.

Step 4. To redeem your 15 euro starter pack, create an account, and pass the tutorial. Once you do, you will have 90 days of premium account on your profile.

IMPORTANT: This giveaway is only valid for new and unregistered players. Packs will be credited after registration.

Conflict of Nations - CoN is a Free-to-play Browser MMO Game for PC, Conflict of Nations Modern War III is a modern day real-time strategy game. The players control theis own real world nation.

More info about Conflict of Nations here ; Conflict of Nations WWIII profile

Conflict of Nations Free Starter Pack. Free to Play Browser MMORTS

Conflict of Nations WWIII is a free-to-play cross-platfomr based strategy game (PC, iOS and Android) which places the player's in the role of commander of one of today's modern armed forces, a real time strategy game that requires you to build your nation up, star wars and make alliances. All for the final goal of World Domination.


See the guide for new players Conflict of Nations WWIII here


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  1. Iulian September 21, 2021 at 7:58 PM -

    nice giveaway for this MMORTS game

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