Conflict of Nations World War 3 update July 2019

Conflict of Nations New Map Overkill

Conflict of Nations World War 3 update July 2019

Dorado Games and Bytro Lab GmbH publiher for Conflict of Nations World War 3, here you can read more about the update for July 2019.

While mobile development of the Conflict of Nations Apps is well underway, it's time for a brief glimpse into what else we have in store for Conflict of Nations over the coming months, as well as insights into the current state of the game. System stability is at the top of our priority list, in tandem with all the other exciting features that are going to follow. Since the beginning of the year our developers have made great strides in the overall game performance, an effort that is especially important in preparation of the mobile Apps and for the current experience the game.


And there's still more to come - we are more than happy to announce:


Seasonal Leaderboards:

In addition to the individual rank, daily game activity will also count towards a Seasonal Rank. This rank will reset every Season (2-3 months) and open up the opportunity to climb to the top of the leaderboards to old and new players alike. Each Season will have its own dedicated leaderboard, which means hard-earned placements will forever enter the halls of fame. Alliances will also receive a Season Score, which will be the culmination of its members' efforts in public games. Finally, reaching a minimum Seasonal Score will permanently unlock something really cool - something that can only be unlock during that Season.


Seasonal Points:

Seasonal Points reflect how engaged a player was during a Season. Just like with regular player ranks, combat stats contribute to overall Season Points. For the first iteration of Seasonal Leaderboards, individual player rankings are recorded. Seasonal Alliance Leaderboards are scheduled to be added down the line - bear with us! These seasonal points contribute to a Seasonal Unlock, in that once players attained enough of them they will have the possibility to claim an exclusive Seasonal Unlock.





Seasonal Units:

Every Season features a new, special unit!

  • This unit will be available to everyone throughout the Season.

  • Once the Season is over, the unit will only be available to players who reached the minimum Seasonal Points.

    • Security Council subscription is required in addition to earning the required points in order to permanently unlock the unit.

    • Security Council is NOT required to earn points.

  • Seasonal Units can be researched and mobilized ingame just like any other unit.

  • Seasonal Units are not merely skins. These units are balanced from the ground up with unique features and strengths!

Special Event: Overkill 128 Players for Conflict of Nations World War 3

Play on the brand new Overkill map, boasting 128-Players competing for dominance in an explosive theatre that has never been there before. New challenges, new strategies: Choose from an array of unique nation setups to put your skills to the test in this ultimate event.

You can expect:

  • Real Time Combat System allowing you to take command of a World War III battlefield

  • Over 100 beautifully modeled Modern Weapon Systems such as: Nuclear Submarines, Attack Helicopters, Stealth Fighters, Airborne Infantry Units and many more

  • Extensive Military Research Tree featuring over 250 individual items to research

  • Resource driven National War Economy influenced by population density and morale

  • Beautiful Isometric World Map depicting over 128 existing countries ready for the taking


Source: Dorado Games - Bytro Labs - Conflict of Nations World War 3

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