Conflict of Nations World War 3 events and update march 2020

Conflict of Nations World War 3 events and update march 2020

Conflict of Nations World War 3 events and update march 2020

Bytro Lab / Dorado Games and offer the new update for Conflict of Nation World War 3, here are the exciting new units and maps Conflict of Nations - World War 3 has in store for your players in Season3 for Conflict of Nations - World War 3.

Season 3 finishes 5th May 2020 14:00:00 (UTC +0)

New Elite Submarines

Scorpène CA-2000 (EU) | 677 Lada (Eastern) | US: Northrop Type 212A (Western)

New Elite Submarines on Conflict of Nations video

Security Council members need 2,000 Points in this Season to unlock the Submarine

The Elite Submarine excels in naval combat - faring better in coastal waters than other submarine variants. Equipped with Stealth technology, these submarines are the ultimate naval predators and will spell trouble for naval ships, no less in the shallow sea.

● Sight-Range/Attack Range has a value of 50

● Half HP in High Seas (-50%) and half ATK/DEF in High Seas (-50%)

● Has no radar/sonar but stealth

● Limited Mobilization:

○ At Tier 1 a maximum of 3 submarines
○ At Tier 2 a maximum of 6 submarines
○ At Tier 3 a maximum of 10 submarines

● Drop their Radar Signature at Tier 2

● Able to launch Cruise Missiles at Tier 3

● Does not have research prerequisites

Season 1 Elite Tanks make a comeback - for a limited time!

Black Night (EU) | Black Eagle (Eastern) | Merkava MK4 (Western)

Security Council members need 1,000 Points in this Season to unlock the Elite Tank

For the first time ever, the Season 1 Tank makes its return to the battlefield - giving the opportunity to unlock this legacy elite unit for the full duration of Season 3! You will find all the details here.

Blood and Oil - NEW MAP!

Blood lust is rampant, and the smell of sulfur-ridden smog permeates the lands of the Middle East in recent times of crisis. Nations clash in the ultimate race for domination over the war-torn land in a desperate attempt to fuel the raging fires of eternal war. The Blood and Oil map will be running this weekend, with the 4x speed version making its debut just after our latest update! Be sure to inform yourself of the latest changes to Radar and Sight Range, lest you fall victim to the engulfing fog of war and the threats therein.

This map features:

● 50 Players across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia

● Coalition Sizes of 3

● 10 Strategic Sites which provide VP and extra resource production

● Specific occupied cities claimed as their homeland by two opposing nations (NEW)

● Ex-territorial bases and Territories (US in the Middle East, China in Africa, Russia in Syria, Turkey in Libya).

● Regular speed and 4x Speed versions available

○ 4x Games provide 4 times faster Research, Travel times. Day times, & Combat times!


Source: Dorado Games - Bytro Labs - Conflict of Nations - World War 3

Conflict of Nations: World War 3 is a MMO military grand strategy game. Conflict of Nations: World War III is a free-play browser-based strategy made by developers Dorado Games (DOG Ltd) in collaboration with Bytro Labs (Supremacy 1914, Call of War 1942).

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