Conflict of Nations Season 4 Update and Events

Conflict of Nations Season 4 Update and Events

Bytro Lab / Dorado Games and offer the new update for Conflict of Nation World War 3 for season 4, here are the exciting new units and maps Conflict of Nations - World War 3 has in store for your players in Season 4 for Conflict of Nations - World War 3.

The team has decided to disconnect the Season 4 launch date from the full release of the mobile client that will be slightly delayed. We aim to enable all players to enjoy the highest quality of strategy games. So we will focus on further optimizing CoN Mobile before we release it. For players that are curious to see and help the development, we encourage them to register for the open beta that will be available in the App stores soon and we will be happy to hear your feedback.

Season 4 is finally here!

Season 4 finishes October 6th, 2020

Featured Seasonal Unit: New Electromagnetic Elite Rail Guns

The Elite Electromagnetic Railgun can shred through any armored unit with projectile velocities up to Mach 7. Fire-control handoff to radar capable units enables airborne target acquisition, including missiles. With its unprecedented firepower and precision, the Electromagnetic Railgun debuts as a new breed of superweapon that will change the face of warfare forever.

In case this is your first Season, you can read more and check out the new Seasonal Leaderboard tab in the main menu.

Here’s a rundown how Season 4 will work:
● Season 4 features three new Self Propelled Rail Guns, one for each doctrine.
● Earn Season Points by killing units in any of your games - they all count!
● Try out the unique Seasonal Units, available to everyone! (NOTE: Only available for new games starting July 1st
● Season 4 Units can be researched from a new tab in the Research Panel. If you Unlocked the Elite Units in previous Season you are still able to research them.
● In order to permanently unlock the Seasonal Unit and use it after the Season ends, you must earn at least 2000 Season Points and have a valid Security Council Pass.
● Season 2 Elite Helicopters make a comeback, for reaching 1000 Season Points players will unlock the unit that was featured in Season 2 and unavailable to all players that started past a certain date.

Source: Dorado Games - Bytro Labs - Conflict of Nations - World War 3

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