Conflict Of Nations August 2018 Update

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News Conflict of Nations 08/2018

As many have anticipated in the recent months, players will be happy to know that great progress has been made on the Ranking & Stats Rework.

Besides the Stats and Ranking System we have been working on special units who players will be
able to mobilise and use to their strategic advantage.

Ranking and Stat-System:

With the overhaul our Ranking and Stats system will now be updated in real-time. As soon as the
player levels up, he will be given a popup display what rank he reached. In addition to this, the rank progression will also be improved with new graphics for ranks being added in. The points awarded for some in-game actions have also been reworked to reflect the experience gained and required from doing so. Lastly, solo victories and coalition victories are planned to be logged on the statistics page.

Conflict of Nations Unit Jet Conflict of Nations Unit Jet

New Unit: Officers

Conflict of Nations Officers  free-to-play Strategy browser game MMO Conflict of Nations Officers free-to-play Strategy browser game MMO

We are happy to officially introduce you to: Officers. These Special units will lead your troops into battle helping you and your units in the process of specialised campaigns.

● Unit type specific. There will be Helicopter and Submarine officers too.

● Suitable stats which reflect their experience and wisdom in the field

● Leadership skills. Your Division/Wing/Task Force (D/W/TF) will most definitely benefit from having an officer present for whatever is to come.

● Multiple officers in a D/W/TF, this will give units an edge

● Officers are not cloneable meaning there will only be one unique officer at a time present per nation.

● Officers will be dependent on their doctrine. This means Eastern Friendly Officer will have
different ways of handling things, and bring different benefits to units.

● Officer most definitely will benefit from dedicated research.

General Updates:

● Annexation cost adjusted
○ (from 5000/5000/3000/0/2000/1000/15000 to 4250/3750/2500/1750/1500/1250/10000)

● Annexation time lowered (from 36 to 24 hours)

● Mobile AA missile ark and defense rating reduced (from 2/2/2/3/3/4/4 to 1/1/1/2/2/3/3)

● Frigate radar range adjusted to match it's Anti-Air range

● Decreased anti-air attack ranges and all radar ranges (from 150 to 125) for Frigate levels
(from 2 to 7)

● Reduced thickness of white border on coasts and between countries

Map updates:

● 64 Player Map Overhaul - Rivers added to map

Players can look forward to conquering on our new 64 player map, for the very first time
featuring rivers. A lot of thought and tweaks have gone into the map scenario, you can
expect a completely overhauled map giving you a completely new experience

Upcoming Events:

Operation Riverine: (Starting 03.08.2018)

● Updated version of our 64 Player World Map with rivers and bodies of water

● Added rivers to map as strategical elements

● UAV and Mobile Radar at the start of the game

● Provinces,including cities have been reworked in all areas.

○ Province Borders, City Placements, Resources, Harbors etc.

Middle East (Reworked): (Starting: 10.08.2018)

Conflict of Nations Middle East Event Conflict of Nations Middle East Event

● Revised starting units for all nations including AI

● Rivers! Channels and bodies of water have been integrated into the middle east

● Province numbers have been adjusted in some areas and production adjusted accordingly

● Coalitions are disabled and Shared Intel has been re-enabled

● All researches unlocked to day 40

● Speed of Research x2

● Chemical Warheads are available from game start

4x Speed Apocalypse: (Starting: 10.08.2018)

● Nuclear Warheads at game start

● The World War 2020 28 Player Map to play on

● All research available from day 1

● 4x game speed

4x Speed Covert Ops: (Starting 17.08.2018)

Conflict of Nations Covert Ops Conflict of Nations Covert Ops

● Research unlocked & ready from day 1:

● 4x game speed

● Special forces level 3, Multiple Rocket Launcher level 2 and UAV level 1 as starting units.

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