Conflict of Nations New Players Exclusive Giveaway

Conflict of Nations Free Giveaway
Conflict of Nations New Players Exclusive Giveaway


Starting next November 17th,2017 and until November 24st, 2017, we'll be giving away free starter packs (worth $15 each) for new users of Conflict of Nations, a modern day browser-based MMO game developed by Bytro Labs in which players get to manage a real world nation in the face of a global war.

By simply signing up through THIS LINK (or by clicking on the "play" button below) you'll receive 20,000 gold (in-game currency) and 1 month of premium subscription (building queue, Rally-Point Placing and more..), which provides several bonuses.

IMPORTANT: This giveaway is only valid for new and unregistered players. Packs will be credited after registration.

Conflict of Nations - CoN is a Free-to-play Browser MMO Game, CoN is a modern day real-time strategy game. The players control theis own real world nation.

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