Conflcit of Nations World War 3 Updates

Conflict Of Nations free to play Strategy browser MMO game
Conflcit of Nations World War 3 Updates

News Conflict of Nations 10/2018

This weeks update has a wealth of changes for Conflict of Nations World War 3. Players will find some much requested features make a return, such as; Resource trading (Alliance Challenges only). Additionally some balancing changes were done to bring a units strengths into focus, giving them a better edge at what they do. This holds true for the building changes too, making bunkers more feasible but still costly. In the end the balance changes have been adjusted in a way that the units/buildings which are better at what they are meant to do and what they need to achieve. A full list of all changes can be found in the Conflict of Nations in-game news.

Ranks & Stats Overhaul:

A couple of weeks ago we released the Rank & Stats overhaul update. After migrating the stats over to the new system, players reported incomplete, or in some cases, reset stats causing their rank to drop significantly. Due to these unforeseen circumstances we reverted to the older stats system to investigate the cause.

Fast forward to today, we're happy to say that our internal testing shows promising results. In our recent update players will find that the Realtime-Stat-System will be live again - this includes:

● Realtime achievements and updating of player statistics

● Reworked ranks and progression

● Rank-specific events and maps

The new Realtime-Stats-System will completely recalculate the player score using the new points, giving everyone the accurate rank that they have worked for since CoN boot camp.
Standard Alliance challenges are now enabled, allowing Team leaders to challenge other alliances

General Updates Conflict of Nations:

● Real-time stats are back!

● End Game button - The End game button option in the news article has been duplicated to appear near your settings when it becomes available

● Relation/Resource trading is now enabled for Alliance Challenges / Elite World Challenges

● Flashpoint Europe scenario map background updated to new standard (blue hue removed)

● Air assault command is now cancelable before takeoff again

● Aircraft sent on patrol now attacks immediately after arrival

● Units with range Anti-air capabilities now lock in combat properly

● Units can no longer retreat into another country territory and have to pass at least one owned province center

● Rank icons in Ranking tab are now centered properly

Map Updates CoN:

● Added 7v7 Mediterranean Theater - New Alliance Challenge Map

● Added 32 World Redux Alliance Challenge Map

● Added missing flags for local resistance and local insurgency

● Flashpoint Europe map background updated

Upcoming Events Conflcit of Nations Modern War:

Double XP Weekend - 64 World War III 4 x Speed Event Map (Running: Oct. 19th - 21st)

Conflict of Nations World War III Double XP World War III 4x Event Map Conflict of Nations World War III Double XP World War III 4x Event Map

Source: Bytro Labs GmbH - Conflict of Nations World War 3 - Dorado Games

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