Chinese Tanks Coming to Armored Warfare

The 0.13 update of Armored Warfare will launch on February 11, introducing Chinese vehicles, a new Mediterranean PvP map, matchmaker 2.0 and a reworked version of the PvE reward system.

These are the vehicles joining the roster, and more will come in future updates: Type 59 (Tier 3), Type 69-II (Tier 4), Type 80-II (Tier 5), WZ-1224 (Tier 5 Premium), Type 85-IIM (Tier 6), Type 90-II (Tier 7), Type 98 (Tier 8).

Watch the trailer to see them:

The update will bring changes to PvP matchmaking that will provide an overall better experience and more balanced matches. It will also add a new competitive map: Coastal Threat, a map featuring a town on the Mediterranean coastline. This map primarily focuses on mixed movement, enabling players to find plenty of routes to flank enemies or set up ambushes.

And finally, the rewards in PvE will work pretty much like the rewards in PvP, so both systems will be equitable and beneficial.

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Source: press Release.

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