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Armored Warfare




Obsidian Entertainment


Armored Warfare is a free to play tactical military MMO’s that puts players in control of their own armoured tanks as they do battle across various terrains in a modern strategy third person shooter. Unlike many other Tank-based MMOs based in historic wars, Armoured Warfare takes place in a modern day setting with modern day tanks and armoured vehicles. The game will have regular content being added over time, including new game modes and vehicles.


  • Control your own tanks in a modern day era

  • Maintain your tanks and upgrade them with new weaponry

  • Play through campaign story arcs to progress, meeting new contacts that can give you access to new vehicles

  • Play in cooperative team based PVE missions

  • Or test your mettle against other players in fast-paced PVP

  • Completely free to play


in the game players will be able to control some of the most modern day mechanised destructive vehicles that exist, everything from standard combat machines to actual tanks and even high-powered artillery weapons that can be used to fight off your enemies and win the battlefield for your team.


Creating contacts and forming relationships is a key component to survival, making deals with contractors, corporations and other unofficial non-government suppliers will enable you to build your own private army. When progressing through the game and earning experience players will play through various campaign scenarios and meet new characters that will be able to give them access to an even wider range of war machines, enhanced munitions and a variety of other resources and items.


In this war driven world you can rely on anyone, not only as players in charge of commanding their own tanks but also directly responsible for the maintenance and improvements of their machines. Not only will your know-how of military strategy improve when on the field of war but also your technical knowledge on how to get the most out of your vehicles, enabling players to make the right decisions on how to kit out and optimise their tanks before they even roll up onto the battlefield.


With open battlefields made up of destructible components where players can destroy bridges, topple buildings and use the lay of the land in a strategic and tactical manner players will find a fresh and fun style of play in the game. Each map and scenario will give players a variety of options in their search of victory, using the ridgeline of a nearby hill and sniping enemies from a distance or sneaking up on an enemy from behind when they are distracted using buildings and trees as cover. Utilising your environment and terrain is vital to success on the battlefield, but don’t think that you can hide behind that wall forever, a few well-placed shells will turn it to rubble and leave you are in the open!


there are a number of different cooperative and competitive team focused game modes that players can join, where a simple “kill or be killed” way of thinking isn’t always the best course of action and players must work together more strategically to complete objectives. The different game modes will encourage players to utilise their knowledge of how their tanks work to build a stronger cooperative team and players taking on key roles during the fight during PVE scenarios or PVP combat.


content will be released on a regular basis by the developers and constantly evolving the game to improve the overall gameplay experience and ensure that the game is kept fresh and interesting for long-time veterans. Regular content updates will add new components to the game, new tanks (which will be more than just new skins) to completely new game modes and expansions for bases. New peripherals and add-ons such as weapons will be added but even such small changes can make huge impacts on the battlefield as players must learn how to deal with these new tactics and strategies.


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