Celebrate 15 Years of Supremacy 1914

Celebrate 15 Years of Supremacy 1914
Celebrate 15 Years of Supremacy 1914 with 15 days of Special Events, Offers, and Gifts!

Bytro Labs GmbH publisher of Supremacy 1914 - The Great War collaboration with F2P.com, bring to you the events for all theusers, for this cross-platfomr Free to Play MMORTS game. To redeem the content, create an account and pass the tutorial to celebrate 15 Years of Supremacy1914.

Time flies when you're immersed in epic battles and tactical strategies! Can you believe it? Supremacy 1914 is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this week. As always, we've planned an exciting birthday party to celebrate this milestone with our dedicated community. Get ready for two weeks filled with event maps, exclusive birthday gifts, and irresistible shop offers.

Birthday Gift Operation

Join us in celebrating fifteen years of exhilarating battles and shrewd strategies. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and continuous support for Supremacy 1914, we've prepared a special birthday gift just for you. Capture a single province during the birthday celebrations, then head to the operations panel to redeem your gift.

Special Shop Offers

Don't miss our fantastic shop offers and limited-time bundles! We've set up great deals to ensure you can find everything your arsenal needs. Make sure to check the shop and take advantage of these offers.


Get ready for a new event map every other day! We've curated a selection of your favorite maps to celebrate in style. Be sure to check out the schedule below; you don't want to miss your favorites!
May 29th - June 30th - Rush for Europe - LIVE NOW! May 30th - June 3rd - Gold Rush June 3rd - June 6th - All Countries: All In (x1 speed) June 6th - June 10th - Speed Round

You can also join the official Supremacy 1914 Discord to stay updated with our event calendar and receive automatic notifications when a new event map starts.

Event Operation

If the event maps alone aren't enticing enough, participate in our special Event Operations. Earn progress by completing objectives on any map. Whether you spend the fifteen days on the event maps or regular scenarios, your progress will count. You'll be richly rewarded with unit cards and resource boosters. Stock up on reserves; you never know when you might need that extra firepower!

A heartfelt thank you to you, General, for being with us on this incredible journey! Seeing our community grow and evolve fills us with pride and excitement for the future. Let's cut the birthday cake and get ready for countless more adventures and memories in the 16th year of Supremacy 1914.

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Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 is a player real-time strategy cross-platform MMORTS game (play Supramcy1914 on PC, Android and iOS) created and published by German studio Bytro Labs, in which the player manages one of the countries in the world during World War I, is a cross-platform MMO game. Take over the control of one of the mighty nations during the times of World War 1 in this long-term strategy game. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and build up your economy in real-time on persistent maps. Build experimental weapons of World War 1 and become the one true superpower!

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