ArcheAge Sings Bloodsong

ArcheAge AAA MMORPG Game
ArcheAge Sings Bloodsong

ArcheAge Kicks off 2016 with a huge content update. Trion Worlds' free to play MMORPG launches today Update 2.5: Bloodsong, introducing the first puzzle-style dungeon, new arena modes, new quests, new achievements, new rewards, new furtinure pieces and new armors.

A gameplay trailer has been released, featuring Indie band Invocation Array's new track "Bloodsong". You can watch it below.

Mistsong Summit is the new dungeon. It will take level 55 players to the world of the forgotten demigoddess Aria. It features scalable difficulty and it will also include very soon a specialized Hard Mode. In addition, the update also adds quests inspired by this dungeon; 14 all-new quests related to the Mistsong Summit storyline.

Two new types of Balanced Arena modes accessible to any player over level 30 have been added with Bloodsong, a 1 vs. 1 Sparring Arena and a 3 vs. 3 Skirmish Arena. All participants may choose from one of eight gladiator skill sets and are automatically scaled to level 55 with all buffs and consumables disabled.

Other additions include 50 new furtinure pieces along with new player housing options, a new Moby Drake fishing boat and the abillity to use a mount and a battle pet simultaneously.

Watch the trailer now:

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Source: Trion Worlds Press release.

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