ArcheAge Introduces Nations

Archeage is a Mediaval Fantasy Massively Multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG)
ArcheAge Introduces Nations


ArcheAge has received a new content update that introduces the long awaited Player Nation system, new weapon and armor tiers, some class changes, and a huge upgrade to the castle system.

Players can now create their own nation with its own hierarchy of leadership, a Sovereign and a council of players. And those who own castles can also now develop their territories. Castles feature a progression system with more functionality and a visual evolution.

The update also brings changes to all ten combat classes. Archery, Occultism, Songcraft, Sorcery, Shadowplay, and Vitalism get some improvements. While Witchcraft, Battlerage, and Defense have received a decrease in overall power.

Additionally, an in-game competition is starting today: Path to Ascension. The first guilds to declare nations will be rewarded with prizes.

Watch the trailer:

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