Archeage has released the Heroes Awaken 2.0 update

ArcheAge AAA MMORPG Game
Archeage has released the Heroes Awaken 2.0 update

Trion Worlds has launched the biggest update since the launch of Heroes Awaken to Archeage. This update has added to the game lots of new contents and features, including a new Hero system, a new progression system for Guilds, more Housing options, new servers and a long etcetera.

Below you can see some of the most important features of this update:

  • Hero System - Nine players from each faction may be chosen as heroes, which will provide them with a special cloak, unique VFX, the ability to summon allies to their sides and increase the strength of his faction teammates in combat. In addition within the capitals heroes will have its own Council building.

  • Enhanced Guild System - Guilds now have several levels of progression that will unlock powerful bonuses and abilities. The guilds also may declare war on other guilds and fight anywhere in the world through the Guild Dominion system.

  • Housing specializations - The houses of medium and large size can now be improved and specialized in ArcheAge’s proficiency (crafting) system with new items, workbenches, cattle and planting areas that will provide different bonuses.

  • Diamond Shore updated - The Diamond Shore area has been improved and now has a lot of new events, as well as allow the construction of faction’s fortresses. The area has a new Housing zone and is going to be the battleground for many Hero vs Hero battles.

  • Hero's Welcome Event - Players can get great prizes and rewards, including unique titles, rare treasure chests, and the Royal Griffon mount, the second available flying mount in Archeage.

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Source: Trion Worlds Press release - ArcheAge - Gamigo Group

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