ArcheAge: Erenor Eternal Expansion Available Today

ArcheAge's latest expansion, "Erenor Eternal", launches today. Check out below the launch trailer. This new major free update introduces new nautical-themed zones, new quests, a new housing province, new open world battlegrounds, changes to the regrade system, a new tier of crafter gear, improvements to crafting, new advancement skills and changes to the trading system.

Max level characters will be able to continue their progress with up to seven levels of the new Ancestral skillset. These skills modify certain basic skills with new and special effects to change the functionality and their power.

Additionally, through the new tier of crafter gear, players will be able to continue advancing existing Divine grade Ayanad gear. And the equipment crafting has been simplified (removing completely RNG). Regrades are now split into three levels of difficulty, which provides with an easier path to high item grades.

Watch the trailer:

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