Aion Lost Memories Expansion Launches Today

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Aion Lost Memories Expansion Launches Today


Aion Europe releases today "Lost Memories", a new content expansion that introduces a new level cap (75), new regions, interface improvements, a daily quest system, four instances, new enemies, new items, new missions and less restrictions to starter accounts.

The new regions of Esterra and Nosra welcomes players from level 65 onwards. New missions and creatures await, as well as the four new instances: the Library of Knowledge, the Adma Ruins, the Elemental Lord's Laboratory and Arkhal's Hidden Space. Watch the launch trailer below.

Regarding restrictions to starter accounts (those accounts who don't have veteran status or haven't activated a gold pack), from now on, the use of the chat is freely available from level 10, and the restrictions to group search, extraction and gathering have been removed.

Those who make it as first in-game or on their server to reach level 70 or level 75 will be rewarded with an exclusive title, items and a valuable mount.

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