Aion Launches the 4.5 Content Update

Free to Play MMO Fantasy role-paying game Aion
Aion Launches the 4.5 Content Update


Aion has finally received today the so awaited update 4.5, which adds to the game the new Aethertech class and several new instances.

The Aethertech is the new classes which is a specialization of the Engineer and wield an Aether Key, used as a weapon or to summon their powerful Mech, that rapresent the key element of the class.

Moreover, new endgame instances have been added to the game, such as The Rune Shield Tower located in the Katalam Underground andThe Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield. The upper Abyss region has been enriched with six new instances as well, available for players between the levels of 61 and 65.


Source of information: Gameforge press release

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