Aion EU gets the Update 3.5

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Aion EU gets the Update 3.5


Gameforge wants a great start for its 2013 and what's better than updating Aion with the patch 3.5? The update, scheduled for January 16, will continue and close the storyline about the Dragon Ladt Tiamat.

The update will also bring into the game some fresh new contents, including:

Two new instances: “Tiamat’s Fortress” and “Tiamata’s Hideout” offer experienced players the ultimate challenge.

New PvP Arenas: in the “Arena of Cooperation”, three teams of two players each face one another. This 2v2v2 system requires great skill and gives players numerous tactical possibilities.  The “Arena of Glory” is a PvP arena, in which four players fight for survival.

New mounts, enhanced housing system and an incresed level-cap for legions.

Source of informations: Gameforge press release.

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