AION Classic Stormwing`s Revenge update

AION Classic Stormwing`s Revenge update
AION Classic Stormwing`s Revenge update

In case this news blew past you, Gameforge recently launched a major update to fantasy MMO AION Classic. Update 2.4, titled “Stormwing’s Revenge,” is now live! This significant update enriches the game with new gear and instances for PvE and PvP adventurers alike. The content is available to all players for free and offers new challenges for those who want to become more powerful beyond level 55.

Overview of the new instances in update 2.4: Stormwing’s Revenge:

• Liberated Beshmundir Temple (PvE instance): Another PvE instance will become available—the Liberated Beshmundir Temple—which involves battling the once-imprisoned Stormwing in another dimension and drops new ghoulish-blue Liberated Stormwing weapons for the trouble.

• Abyssal Splinter (PvE instance): Abyssal Splinter, the top-level fortress chamber, accepts up to 12 players and can be entered when occupying the Divine Fortress. As an alliance-type instance dungeon, various rewards can be obtained, but clearing it will require teamwork and serious effort.

• Arena of Glory (PvP instance): The Arena of Glory is a battlefield where the strongest who have proven their worth in the Arena of Discipline/Chaos gather and fight it out in an all-out brawl for glory and rewards. As players progress through the Arena of Glory, they can earn Abyss points and Symbols of Glory according to their ranking.

• Upgrade to Greatness – Unleash the Storm Within!: Prepare to revolutionize your combat experience in version 2.4 and beyond with the groundbreaking Liberated Stormwing weapons! These mighty weapons will empower players to chart their own path to glory, wielding attributes that resonate with their character’s unique journey.

About AION Classic EU:

AION Classic gives all players the chance to return to Atreia and relive the beginnings of this world-renowned MMO. The servers of AION Classic are open permanently, and the game is being continuously improved by NCSoft.

Thanks to the versatile character creation options, together with the range of playable classes and specializations, MMORPG fans can forge their AION Classic experience to suit their tastes. Players can choose from the four original classes (Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest) and their eight specializations (Gladiator, Templar, Ranger, Assassin, Spiritmaster, Sorcerer, Cleric, and Chanter), developing their heroes along a unique path.

AION Classic unites all European players on one international server, playable in English, French, and German. In addition to these playable languages, Gameforge also offers support in Italian, Spanish, and Polish, as with the AION Live version. Players can also take part in numerous seasonal in-game events and enjoy activities only available in AION Classic. Altogether an amazing opportunity for all fans to celebrate the AION experience together.

Source: Gameforge - AION Classic

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