AION Classic Roadmap teaser 2024

AION Classic Roadmap teaser 2024
AION Classic Roadmap teaser 2024

Following the exhilarating launch of AION Classic in Europe, 2023 unfolded with a series of surprises that captivated players across the continent. As the AION Classic team reflects on an exceptional year marked by enthusiastic player engagement and numerous updates, the team is delighted to offer players a first look at what lies ahead for the first half of 2024.

Watch the 2024 roadmap teaser for AION Classic

Brace yourself for multiple new developments and content additions that promise to elevate the AION Classic EU experience to new heights. Multiple major updates are currently planned to release between now and summer, including update 2.7 (March - April), while a new class (Executioner) and an increased level cap will provide even the most dedicated and completionist AION Classic players with gripping new experiences and formidable challenges.

Stay tuned for more on the immersive adventures awaiting the AION Classic community in the coming months!

Source: Gameforge - AION Classic

Aion is a classic fantasy themepark MMORPG with quest oriented progression in which players can battle through the world of Atreia, a realm shattered into two parts by the Cataclysm that divided the ancient Daeva race into two factions that blame each other for the worlds sundering. With all the standard elements expected of an MMORPG, Aion provides questing, crafting, PVE, instances, PVP, exploration and is all completely free to play.

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