Aion 13th Anniversary

Aion 13th Anniversary
Aion 13th Anniversary

Seize your last chance to take part in the AION 13th anniversary celebratory events! Until September 28, players can enjoy an array of events and Celebrate Daeva Day by logging in every day for special rewards! Don’t forget to visit the Big Wheel at Gelkmaros Fortress or Inggison Illusion Fortress to enter the Dreamscape and participate in special events. Venture alone into the tantalizing Trillonerk’s Secret Gold Vault as the Black Ranger to earn Imperial Chest Keys and the chance to open Trillonerk’s Safe’s for Daevas Coins. Those Daevas Coins can be turned in to Boparobo for prizes like an [Event] Anniversary Transformation Box or [Event] Stigma Enchantment Stone.

Don’t forget to participate in the Harvest Revel Festival! Until September 28, the Gelkmaros Fortress and Inggison Illusion Fortress Autumn Harvest Master is looking for Harvest Revel Coins. The Moon Rabbit also lost his Moonluck, and if you return it by either logging in to get one or by buying it from the AION Shop, you can get items like the [Motion Card] Wish Lantern and [Event] Ultimate Extreme Enchantment Stone.

On Wednesday, October 28, the new update 8.4 will go live for AION.

AION players will be able to pick up a new Battle Pass. The Daeva Pass features level and premium rewards, with players able to take on daily, weekly, and seasonal missions for incredible rewards and two premium transformations. The premium pass can be purchased with Luna, and buying it gives a player a head start on the next season by kicking things off at level eight, rather than level one.

Finally, Yustiel and Lumiel both are getting a whole new look — the Ultimate Transformation is here! Each one involves an entirely new design for the Empyrean Lords, so take in their splendor by logging in to play!

Note: Please be aware that Gameforge has publishing rights for AION in Europe. Gameforge is not the publisher of AION in North America.

Source: Gameforge - Aion

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