1st Anniversary of AION Classic

1st Anniversary of AION Classic
1st Anniversary of AION Classic

A Year in Numbers: Interesting Statistics for the 1st Anniversary of Aion Classic Europe

Time flies! The EU version of AION Classic launched over a year ago, and a new infographic gives an impression of what has happened in the fantasy world of this popular MMORPG.

Players have spent over 49.6 million hours in Aion Classic Europe since its launch—that's approximately 5,660 years! Over 1.2 million characters have been created. Among the factions, there is a slight preference for the side of light: 56.7% of players have chosen the angelic Elyos faction, while 43.3% opted for the Asmodians.

Numerous events were held to celebrate the anniversary, and fans can look forward to more exciting content and surprises in the future as the Gameforge team prepares to reveal the roadmap for the rest of 2024.

Detailed information about the next major update will follow later in the summer—stay tuned!

Source: Gameforge - AION Classic

Aion is a classic fantasy themepark MMORPG with quest oriented progression in which players can battle through the world of Atreia, a realm shattered into two parts by the Cataclysm that divided the ancient Daeva race into two factions that blame each other for the worlds sundering. With all the standard elements expected of an MMORPG, Aion provides questing, crafting, PVE, instances, PVP, exploration and is all completely free to play.

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