WoWS Dasha Presents Update 0.7.10

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WoWS Dasha Presents Update 0.7.10 - World of Warships: Dasha Presents Update 0.7.10

Wargaming presents the last update for WoWS, the 0.7.10.

World of Warships continue the Royal Navy event, Honor British destroyers, master subariens in a Halloween operation and a nes Commander "Alexander Ovechkin".

Now the Royal Navy gets the addition of branch of destroyers.

WoWS introduce a soft limit to the number of destroyers in Random Battles, of four Ships of this type per each team.

Introduction of the Daily Shipments Section, from 31 th October all Capintants who have reached level 9 of the Service Record will have acces to the Halloween Daily Shipments and more.

A complete tech tree of British Destroyers is coming to the game, and all have a powerful, useful feature: the ability to fire torpedos individually, one at a time.

The Halloween Event rages on as well, and the stars earned for “Saving Transylvania” and “Sunray in the Darkness” will be reset, so players can earn those again. Dasha’s here with the details, and the patch notes can be found below.

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