World of Warships welcome an All-American Armada

World of Warships welcome an All-American Armada
World of Warships welcome an All-American Armada of Content in Their July Updates

The world’s leading naval battle game on PC and console is making waves this scorching July with an abundance of thrilling new additions!

Wargaming, publisher and developer of popular multiplayer naval battle MMO World of Warships, has introduced two major July updates for both the console and PC versions of the game. Cruising into summer under full sail, celebrations are going to be held for American Independence Day, and an exciting adventure will unfold in the Mediterranean with a remarkable Commander as its final reward! Console players can also enjoy the Fourth of July festivities, as World of Warships: Legends is introducing a haul of American content, including a five-week campaign with powerful Tier VIII cruiser Tulsa at the end. A special collaboration with the iconic Popeye the Sailor Man is also coming to the game in the form of two themed Commander guises and a themed skin, and the addition of the Fleets feature will switch things up by giving players the ability to band together and rove the virtual seas in good company.

World of Warships: Legends Greets Star-Spangled Content

American-themed content is arriving to make waves and rouse patriotic spirits in the console edition of the game. Just in time for Independence Day, players will be able to take on a classic five-week, 100-milestone campaign named “Always Courageous,” and all-new Tier VIII cruiser Tulsa is waiting at the end of it as the glorious final reward. Even more ships are also making their way into Legends’ Ports, as impressive Tier VIII cruiser Salem is set to appear in the Forge. To top it all off, a true American icon and beacon of hope is ready to lead these ships into battle in the form of the special Lady Liberty Commander guise, which comes with her own individual voiceover.

The patriotic festivities don’t stop there, as this update delivers a proper haul of random bundles. Within them, players will find brand-new Premium cruiser San Diego, equipped with semi-armor-piercing shells, as well as the special “Stars and Stripes” camouflage for high-tier U.S. ships.

The much-anticipated Fleets feature is also about to make a massive impact in the game, giving players the ability to team up and create their own Fleets, as well as appoint their own leaders. By using the new Fleet-specific resource—Oil—Fleet members will be able to take advantage of various enhancements and bonuses, and they will also be able to acquire useful crates.

This update also sees Legends welcome a special collaboration with a timeless figure from popular culture who everyone is familiar with—Popeye! Popeye the Sailor Man and Bluto the Terrible join the game as Commander guises, together with their flags, a patch, and a special spinach-themed skin.

Finally, the mobile edition of World of Warships: Legends also sees a handful of changes, with bug fixes, game process optimization, and an improved UI with updates to the game’s buttons.

From America to the Mediterranean in World of Warships

The Independence Day festivities continue in the PC version of the game, as players can earn special themed Tokens via in-game events and activities. These Tokens can be used to obtain a rich selection of themed permanent camouflages, as well as Commander Statue of Liberty with 6 skill points. Players can then chart a course from the U.S. to Europe to participate in the “Conquest of the Mediterranean” adventure, which celebrates a new line of European destroyers. Tier IX destroyer Jäger, a permanent camouflage for this special ship, and remarkable Commander Felix von Paar are the handsome rewards waiting for Captains who navigate through the adventure’s special combat missions.

On top of all these additions, July’s World of Warships update sees an all-new Battle Pass launching for players. By unlocking daily and weekly rewards, players can progress to a hefty final reward of seven containers full of rare bonuses, as well as a Commander with an impressive 12 skill points.

World of Warships is available on Steam, and World of Warships: Legends is available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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