World of WarShips Searches for the best Naval Tattoo

World of WarShips Searches for the best Naval Tattoo

World of Warships Searches For the Best Naval Tattoo With Worldwide Community Photo Contest

In honor of National Tattoo Day, Friday, July 17, the developers of World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends are asking players to show their ink as part of a global photo contest.

To celebrate the art and culture of tattoos – entwined with the naval heritage - World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends are inviting fans and community members to share images of their naval-inspired tattoos for a chance to win prizes and see their tattoo inspire an upcoming ship camouflage.

Starting July 17 through July 24, players can visit the portal to upload an image here. From July 24 – July 31 players will vote for the shortlisted tattoos, while the winning tattoos will be announced by August 13, 2020.

“Tattoos have been a part of navy culture since Captain Cook’s first voyage to Polynesia in the 1770s where he discovered intricate and beautiful body art of indigenous people,” said Philip Molodkovets, World of Warships’ Executive Producer. “For centuries sailors have been adorning their bodies with recognizable tattoos to appease the sea gods. Over the years tattoo art has become widespread form of personal expression, a way to show what you are passionate about. Therefore, with this tattoo contest we wanted to show the incredible bond between our community and the sea”, concluded Philip Molodkovets.

Find more information about naval tattoo tradition in our animated series on World of Warships

The World of Warships Tattoo Contest Prize Packages:

• The person with the tattoo receiving the highest number of votes will receive a $1,000 USD gift card to a tattoo parlor of their choice.
• 100 random qualifying submissions will receive a pack of camouflages in World of Warships or World of Warships: Legends.
• Camouflage gifts for 100 random players who will cast their vote.
• In addition, the developers of World of Warships will create a completely new camouflage inspired by one of the tattoos submitted during the contest (not contingent on how many votes it receives).

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