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Wargaming and Sabaton Recreate the Last Battle of an Iconic WWII Battleship with “Bismarck”

From the Swedish battle metal outfit, the music video combines an on-the-spot live performance, World of Warships assets, and advanced CG

April 23, 2019, Nicosia, Cyprus - Wargaming and Sabaton proudly present their new joint endeavor: a music video for “Bismarck”—a single by the Swedish battle metal group off the upcoming album ‘The Great War’. This music video is set to be their first in two and a half years and the effects-laden clip shows the group members playing in the midst of an epic naval battle between the legendary German battleship and the British fleet, recreated with 3D models straight out of World of Warships—an MMO action game known across the globe.

The “Bismarck” video—the first to focus on this historical event—shows Sabaton hiring a boat in France and braving the seas to play their new song on deck, at the place of the epic engagement that took place on May 26–27, 1940. The Swedish metallers then find themselves in the heat of battle and the clip culminates with the sinking of one of the most advanced and powerful WWII battleships. The World of Warships team ensured an outstanding level of historical accuracy: as well as providing the high-quality 3D ship models from their game, the folks in St. Petersburg made the battle realistic, right up to the timing of each salvo flying over the band’s heads.

Bismarck. A musical tribute from Sabaton and World of Warships video on World of Warships

“Bismarck” was created by Wargaming's advertising agency and directed by Matthias Hoene—a German prodigy who won a Gold Lion at Cannes with his first commercial and then proceeded to create award-winning ads for major global brands. Matthias’ portfolio also includes feature films.

“The ‘Bismarck’ video rocks as the passion and talent of Sabaton are evenly matched by the expertise of our video teams,” says Artur Płóciennik, Executive Producer at Wargaming. “The song created by the group is much like World of Warships itself, combining raw energy with thoughtfulness and respect for history and the fallen mariners.”

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