Winter Soldier is Coming to Marvel Heroes 2015


We have just known that Winter Soldier will be the next playable hero coming to Marvel Heroes 2015. Captain America's sidekick will arrive later this month, but players can pre-order it already with a 10% discount.

If you are a Captain America fanatic then Winter Soldier is going to be a must-have hero for your playable hero roster,” said Ryan Collins, Creative Designer and Community Manager of Gazillion. “Winter Soldier kicks off 2015 with a bang, both literally and figuratively, as our first playable hero of the year. As an explosives expert, Winter Soldier has many powers related to planting explosives and throwing grenades at his enemies.

Previously known as Bucky Barnes, Winter Soldier was trained by Captain America and proved to be a master in hand-to-hand combat, fluent with nearly all types of weapons as well as an expert marksman.

David Hayter, known as the English voice for Solid Snake in the Metal Gear video-game series, will bring this new character to life. Gazillion has published a video where we get to know the voice actor. Check it out:


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