War Thunder: The Good & The Bad

War Thunder: The Good & The Bad

For our new feature we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular MMOs in the free to play market and break down the main pros and cons for each so that you guys have a quick snapshot of what to expect when playing. This isn’t a place for cheerleading a title; we also get down and dirty as we flag up both the “Good & Bad”, and first up we have WW2 vehicle combat: War Thunder.

In War Thunder players get to control their own vehicles, both ground and air, and engaged in exciting PVP and PVE battles using amazing graphics, awesome physics and realistic damage in a WW2 shooter MMO. The game has been around for a few years now and has given us the chance to compile a list of what we consider is the best and worst that War Thunder has to offer:

The Good

  • Large Number of Vehicles – Players can acquire and play as hundreds of different ground vehicles and airplanes

  • Mixed Battles – Fight in aviation battles, ground forces with armored vehicles, or a combination of Air vs Air vs Ground vs Ground

  • Tactical Battles – With a slower game place and more realism, players can plan out their attacks together to complete their objectives

  • Large Variation of Maps – Across a variety of game modes, including PVP and PVE, there is a wide variety of different maps available

  • Realistic Damage Physics – Vehicles have a high number of realistic hit locations to damage, hinder and outright destroy, tearing off wings or shooting out engines

  • No Pay-to-Win – Most items that can be purchased with cash add convenience over pay-2-win game breaking items

  • Top Quality Graphics – Whether vehicle or environmental textures, impressive particle effects, the quality graphics are stunning and immersive

The Bad

  • Vehicle Balancing Issues – Some of the nation planes and tank are purposefully made to be bad so as to represent where they sat in in the pecking order in WW2 (realistic, but not necessarily fun)

  • The Grind – After attaining your Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles, anything Tier 3 and up can take an excruciatingly long time to acquire

  • Long Matches – Not a problem for everyone, but queue waits and long match times mean that it’s hard to appeal to a casual crowd with little time to play

  • Bad Matchmaking – As the game doesn’t have a huge population, the game struggles with balanced Matchmaking and some battles can be extremely imbalanced

  • Punishing Damage – Realism vs Fun, some vehicles can output so much damage and potentially one shot a vehicle early on, taking them out of the match

  • The “Russian Bias” – Though not entirely true, the worst elements about the USSR nations’ vehicles (especially planes) are elements that rarely factor into the main game modes (Arcade) so they seem like they rarely have a disadvantage

  • Low Graphics “Bug” – An issue that has been around for a while is that if players turn down their graphics quality it removes bushes, foliage and other forms of cover that would hide enemy players; so playing with high graphics gives players a disadvantage

Do you have any thoughts with the article? Do you have any of your own Good & Bad points you think should be added? Give us your feedback in the comments!

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