War Rock Celebrates Christmas with a Content Update

Christmas is almost here, and War Rock is receiving a content update that introduces a new game mode, a new atmospheric map, new characters and Christmas items and events. A new trailer has been released showing the new game mode.

The new game mode is Foggy Escape, a new elimination mode that pits a team of humans against a team of nearly unstoppable madmen. Humans have to evacuate the area by reaching a designate safe zone, or by eliminating all the enemies. On the other hand, the Madmen have to stop the humans from achieving their objective.

This new mode is played out on the new atmospheric map (making its debut exclusively in European territories), shrouded by a dense toxic gas that limits the human's field of view.

The update also introduces three new Madmen characters based on speed, tank and suicide classes. And finally, in addition, War Rock is celebrating Christmas with special events, exp boosts and themed costumes.

Watch the trailer for the new game mode:

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Source: Nexon Games press Release.

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