War Rock

GENRE: Free to play MMO FPS


War Rock is a fast-paced action packed MMO first person shooter that is completely free to play and allows players to choose between a variety of different in game classes, customise each classes own gear and play over a variety of different maps in numerous game modes for exciting PVP action. Whilst free to play there are various items are available in the premium currency item shop where players can get the edge on their rivals in the game.


- Multiple classes to choose from
- A variety of maps requiring different tactics and strategy
- Tackle numerous game missions and modes
- Customise your characters with their own gear
- Completely free to play


The core of the game is classic team based PVP content where players from around the world will go head-to-head across various games and maps. Players can compete to become one of the highest ranked players in the game, gaining XP and increasing their level players are scored on a variety of things such as their kills per match, wins per match, total kill death ratio and more.


There are five available professions within the game that players are able to switch between and customise separately with their own gear:

The Engineer - these tech savvy support crew are able to get any vehicles up and running and keep them well prepared as well as having a variety of tools of the trade such as a spanner, pipe wrench and even a fire extinguisher in their arsenal

The Medic - able to give aid to wounded teammates they don’t pack as much firepower, coming equipped with a light submachine gun, their primary tool is their medic kit used to keep the rest of the team in full health and fighting

The Sniper - deadly at long range these long distance rifleman use their scopes to take out enemies without getting up to close and personal, they are deadly when in cover and protecting key points in the battle

The Assault - making up the bulk of the infantry troops these front-line soldiers are equipped with enough firepower to be deployed as defenders or attackers using their shotguns and AK-47s in battle they are a very diverse combatant

Heavy Trooper - equipped with anti-tank mines and guided rocket launchers the main purpose for the Heavy Trooper is to take down enemy armour, but with their mini-guns they are also a major threat for any enemy infantry in the battle


There are a wide selection of maps ranging from urban sprawls to island bases, military fortifications and more that cater to different size teams and different games. Where some games are focused on Close Quarters Combat for the smaller map, others are considered Urban Ops for a mid-sized game and then the larger Vehicular Warfare maps where players can actually use a variety of vehicles to get around and do damage against their enemies.


There are six different game modes in the game that players can experience:

Conquest Mode - here two teams fight against each other trying to capture neutral bases as well as the enemies’ main base, both teams have a Kill Point score that ticks down slowly throughout the game and slows down for the team if they are in control of the most bases and speeds up the enemy team. The first team to capture all the bases, leaving nowhere else for the enemy team to respawn, or in a time limit game the team that has the most Kill Points left, is declared the winner.

Capture the Base - here two teams fight over a third neutral base and whilst controlled the controlling teams timer will begin, the team that manages to defend the base for a certain period of time is the winner

One Man Army - a classic death match game where it is every man for himself and players are required to get the most kills to win the game

Bombing Mission - one team must bomb a specific area whilst the other team must prevent it from exploding, a fast-paced game with a quick game length

Team Death Match - a simple team death match where both teams must fight to get the most kills and can hold up to 32 players in a single match, offering a more intense level of gameplay than other missions

AI Mode - here players fight against bots in a cooperative game mode trying to complete the story element of the game where players must kill as many bots as possible


O/S: Windows 2000 or higher
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0GHz
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 700MB
Video: FZ 5700 / ATI 9200


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