War of the Immortals releases its newest expansion, Titan’s Fury

Perfect World Entertainment has released Titan's Fury, the new expansion of War of the Immortals.

From today the game has new content new Titan PvE instances as the dungeon "Zodiac Guardian Temple", customizable environments, new PVE modes, such as "Primordial Games", where three groups of players battle through waves of enemies in a race against time and each other for an array of rare treasure. These and other many developments await in this new expansion.

"Titan's Fury is the largest addition to War of the Immortals since its release and we can't wait to let players explore the new content," said Producer Mark Hill. "We're building on a great gameplay experiences by providing players with even more to do in this world. Whether you're a new player or veteran, this expansion's new gameplay types, customization and boss instances will give everyone a chance to push the limits on what they can do in War of the Immortals."

Source of information: Perfect World Entertaintment press release.

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