War of the Immortals

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developed By: Perfect World

With involved PVP and large-scale combat, this free to play MMORPG is a fast and furious in game that features destructible environments to create a more tactical battle.

Main Features

- With Soul Gear, powerful sets of armour that are specifically tailored towards each individual class, will change their appearance as a player levels up and progresses through various stages of the game
- Players are able to build their own houses which can be used for Guild members to plan raids, trade craft re-sources and used to recruit new members into your group
- Battle with your Guild against others in a fight for territory, resources and glory
- Players can unlock different pets and customise them with the Pet Soul feature, where almost any monster within the game can be captured
- Throughout the world there are many environments that can be interacted with and destroyed

in the land of Motenia from birth all that any child knows is war, the stories and legends of mighty battles from history are recounted by each generation. Of these Ragnarok towers above the more, the ancient battle between the blessed God Odin and the treacherous Loki. For the land has known many battles it is Ragnarok that has imprisoned the gods within their own realms, leaving humanity to survive with what is left of the scorched earth.

Is players begin their adventure at the aftermath of what has been a great battle as once more the evil forces behind Ragnarok have returned to the lands and once more heroes are called forth to do battle and fight for the side of good.

Playable Classes
There are eight classes to choose from within the game:

The Berzerker - though lacking in any defences against magical attacks these mighty warriors are deadly opponents when in melee combat, using their improved physique and mobility their prowess with melee weapons is near unmatched

The Champion - utilising heavy defences with strong armour and Shields the Champion is able to control a battlefield using various performance to distract and hinder their enemies whilst bolstering their own defences

The Duelist - able to wield daemonic forces the Duelist is extremely flexible and difficult to kill, using both dark magic and the sword they are capable combatants able to deal large amounts of damage and hinder their enemies with various debuffs

The Enchantress - the perfect support role the Enchantress ‘main duties are to both her allies and the both enemy opponents, able to massively boost her companions defensive and offensive capabilities at the expense of low damage output

The Heretic - a combination of damage dealing, though not at a level as some of the other classes, as well as healing capabilities the Heretic is a useful all-rounder when in battle

The Magus - the Magus controls the battlefield like no other, using various snares and crowd control spells they attack from afar using powerful offensive spells whose destructive capabilities are unmatched

The Ranger - primarily relying on their bow to attack from long range with exceptionally high levels of damage, the Ranger is also extremely tactical as they use a number of AOE traps and abilities to help them in combat

The Slayer - with a unique fighting style the slayer is able to balance their magical and physical offences, but lacking in defence at times there are offensive versatility is almost unmatched

Crafting is broken up into three branches; handicraft, arms and Alchemy, all of which have a gathering skill included to help collect the resource is needed for their crafting skill.

Handicraft is used to create items that can give physical and magical boosts as well as creating materials used for crafting items such as weapons and armour.

Arms can be used to make items that reinforce your equipment and improve their stats, typically defensive and offensive abilities, as well as creating items to strengthen vessels, vehicles used by a clan in the Territory Wars.

Alchemy is used to create potions, luxury items and food. Luxury items can be crafted and traded for money, the value of them dependent on the quality of any luxury items you have crafted, Players can also create shields and various buffs using the alchemy skill.

System Requirement
Operating System: Windows Vista/ Windows XP/Windows 2000
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive Space: 10GB
Graphics: GEFORCE 4600GT 256MB
Required DirectX Version: 9.0c


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