Vindictus launches the Episode 3 of the second season


NEXON Europe has just launched the third episode for the second season of its free-to-play fast-paced action MMORPG, Vindictus.

This new content update introduces a new zone: Misty Summit, a land full of challenges and new enemies which will be a hard test even for the most seasoned adventurers. The new enemy will have distinctive fighting tactics an the ability to resurrect their allies.

After the thrills of episode 2, we’re very excited to introduce the next instalment of our popular title that will no doubt refresh and reinvigorate our faithful community,” said Dina Chung, Nexon Europe PR. “There are a number of new and improved systems in the game along with new enemies and settings, which we’re really excited about and think our players will be too.

The next episode will be available from 27th November.

Source of information: NEXON europe press release

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