Total Domination

Total Domination videos

Total Domination Videos

  • First Look – Total Domination
  • First Look Total Domination   We checked out Plarium’ futuristic empire building strategy recently Total Domination, a free to play browser MMO that transports you to a distant bleak future where the Earth is nothing but a wasteland and rival military outposts help, trade and battle...
  • Soldiers Inc Review
  • Soldiers Inc Review   This week we played Plarium’s Soldiers Inc, a free to play browser-based strategy MMO that focuses on resource gathering, base building and player versus player content. As we have recently played Total Domination, one of the companies’ other games, we were...
  • Nords Launching Soon
  • Nords Launching Soon   Plarium is adding a new game to its portfolio and it will be radically different from their other games in terms of style, interface, gameplay and sound. Called Nords: heroes of the North, this new title mixes fantasy, strategy, humor, RPG elements and 3D animations. The...


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