Nords Launching Soon

Nords Launching Soon


Plarium is adding a new game to its portfolio and it will be radically different from their other games in terms of style, interface, gameplay and sound. Called Nords: heroes of the North, this new title mixes fantasy, strategy, humor, RPG elements and 3D animations.

The developers of Sparta: War of Empires and Total Domination (among others) will release this new MMORTS browser-based game next month. It's already available through Facebook, but it will launch worldwide on Internet browsers very soon.

Over 30 professional actors have contributed their voices to the game, include one well-known: Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson in Family Guy). It features a fully-scored soundtrack composed and produced by Jesper Kyd and top-quality graphics.

In Nords players can choose a faction and develop their stronghold. And for the first time in a Plarium game, players will see and hear the action during battles due to the animated battles, which allow players to see their units in action.

Soon enough we'll publish a review and a profile, so stay tuned if you want to know more.

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