Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords: Heroes of the North

GENRE: Free to play MMORTS
PLATFORM: Facebook / Web Browser


Nords: Heroes of the North is a free to play browser based MMORTS where players step into the boots of a Hero tasked by King Björn the Awesome, ruler of all Shingård, to battle against the rising undead that threaten to destroy the kingdom. In exciting strategy combat players must build up their own stronghold, gather valuable resources, field a military force and take the battle to not just the AI enemy but other real world players. The game can be played for free and accessed with ease through web browser or Facebook platform and doesn’t require a client download.


- Voice overs provided by professional actors including Patrick Warburton who voiced Joe Swanson in Family Guy
- Rule over your own stronghold and construct various buildings
- Create a Hero from the Orcs, Elves or Viking Northmen
- Customize your hero and equip them with legendary items
- Train units from not just the three factions but also the mighty Dragons
- Quest based PVE content
- PVP focused gameplay competing against rival players
- Free to play
- Browser based game


Dark stirrings are going on across the realm of Shingård as the Ice Queen has begun to rise the dead from their snowy graves and have them rampage across the land in a war against the living. As a Hero summoned by King Björn the Awesome you must rally your forces and take on the Cold Legion as well as keeping your rivals at bay through trade, diplomacy and aggression.


The core of the game is a resource gathering, base building, army raising RTS that focuses primarily on PVE campaign content in the early game and then towards PVP conquest against other rival Strongholds where players can fight for rank and rewards.


Each player takes on the role of a Nord Hero, able to name their character and choose from one of three different factions, the Orcs, the Viking Northmen or the Elves, players can select either a male or female character and their choice of faction will determine the overall graphical look of their stronghold.

The primary role of Heroes is to push through a little more of the RPG element and give players the chance to upgrade their Heroes skills as well as acquiring powerful items, artifacts and gear to help them improve the stats and fighting abilities of their men.


The true source of a Marshals power comes from their Stronghold, their own personal settlement which they must tend to and protect from both AI and player threats. There are a variety of buildings that players will need to construct and upgrade to bring in needed resources such as fish, mushrooms and fire ale, as well as constructing such buildings as the Orc Stockade and Elven Enclave to gain access to these factions units and train them up to join your army. Resources are consumed each time a building is constructed or a unit is trained, but units in particular require ongoing maintenance paid by key resources to keep them in battle.


Units come in different shapes and sizes and can be acquired by signing Blood Pacts with the four game factions; Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons, the Blood Pacts act in a similar way to a traditional technology tree and players will need to meet certain criteria and acquire pre-requisite Blood Pacts before they are able to unlock new ones. With the Blood Pacts unlocked the Marshal can begin to train up various defensive and offensive units ranging from the Northmen Berserkers and Beast Masters, Orcish War Hog and Brutes, Elven Mage and Forest Guardians, and even the Firedrake and Rockwings of the Dragon faction.

Signing Blood Pacts will also give access to a variety of new abilities and new buildings that in themselves provide other benefits to the army and the Stronghold.


The aim of the game is conquest over the AI and over other players, done through attacks and raids on enemy strongholds the game will automate battles (which can be watched back) and determine the victor based on the composition of both armies, their units, upgrades and Commander traits. Players can work together and form allegiances and Clans or go solo, but those who walk these lands alone are vulnerable to larger groups that will conquer their holdings.


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  1. chris November 10, 2015 at 6:14 PM -

    attn…this game is technically F2P, BUT, and this is a very big but….at lvl 43…they took away a builder….down to one builder only…if u want a second u MUST PAY 2500 emeralds(ingame currency u buy with real money) or u wait for things to build…i was only at lvl 43…saw pple at 80…at lvl 43 the buildings were taking upto 7 hrs alrdy…so with one builder only…do the math…there is still a TON of stuff to build at this point. so play, but dont expect to be competitive unless ur willing to pay money. shame on u plarium, i would have spent money on my own, but when u force ur customers to pay or wait forever, well we just walk away.

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