Total Domination

Total Domination

Total Domination

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Web Browser
Developed By: Plarium


Total Domination is free to play MMO is a real time strategy is set in a futuristic sci-fi world after and global war has left it in ruins and players are responsible for restoring industry, commerce civilisation. By uncovering lost knowledge, researching and technology and improving their own colonies to expand their empire players will fight for control of the world as they do battle with huge armies for resources and territory.

Key Features

-          Build up your Empire from what is left of a crumbled civilisation using the strategic real-time interface

-          Create a powerful army to defend your land and conquer your rival’s

-          Make allies and developed long-term strategies

-          In-depth story arcs which introduce NPC enemies

-          Regular updates to continuously enhance the gaming experience

-          Play directly in your Internet browser with no client download needed

-          100% free to play


With the fall of the United world Empire after years of endless civil war that has ravaged the land and its people, what was left of the old world and its government is divided into hundreds of new independent sectors that are fighting an endless war for power and resources. As a new commander and leader of one of these sectors players are responsible for building up their own new Empire and systematically destroying all their enemies.


Within the game there are 3 primary resources; Uranium, Titanium and Credits, that players will need to gather, required for building construction, technology research and production and training of your military units.

Uranium and titanium are gathered per hour from the ore fields that a player controls, the amount gained is determined by the number and quality of these fields, which can be upgraded and improved as well as researching new technologies to make the process more efficient. These resources are stored in a player’s warehouse, which can also be upgraded to improve its capacity.

Players will earn Credits from their sectors population that live within the underground vaults, as with ore fields these vaults can also be upgraded to attract more populous. Credits are collected by the financial Corporation and determine the rate that your credits will be gathered and stored in your bank, similar to warehouses your bank have a limited capacity which can be upgraded. Credits are primarily used to maintain and support your army, without credits your units will go AWOL one by one.

Players are able to exchange excess credits and resources within each other with the Trade Gateway, give them to friends and their allies or potentially have them stolen during raids by other sectors.


Each player controls their own military base the in the empty wastelands of their sector, here they must gather their resources, train up an army and unlock new technologies for improved weaponry and defences for when the sector raids begin.

Resource Deposits

For those players who like to explore they have the chance of discovering free resource deposits that can yield you radio, titanium, credits, artefacts and crystals. By capturing one of these deposits players are given a huge strategic advantage when engaging in warfare. These new deposits can be detected on the game map once a radar system has been developed, as well as the Industrial Syndicate, which is required to take over them.


In order to stay ahead and survive in the world of Total Domination players will need to research and develop their technologies, which will unlock a variety of buildings, defences and units to aid them in their task. Most technologies require a number of very specific modules that a player must collect before they can begin the research, new modules are received daily from the Tech Advisor and can also be traded between players. Once the technology is researched it can then be upgraded and improved to a higher level which in turn creates a stronger production on military unit.


There are over 30 unique units from infantry, armour, air and artillery that are split between both defensive and offensive roles, with the exception of cyborgs that have been balanced to be able to take on both positions adequately. Every unit has a specific resource cost for construction as well as an hourly consumption of credits for maintenance. By upgrading technology or by activating specific artefacts players can see a significant benefits on their units performance and the overall maintenance cost to keep them running. To field a large army players must research technologies to mitigate the increasing costs.


Players can discover long lost technologies in the form of artefacts that can either help the player in the running of their sector or boost military units performance. These resources can be gained by fighting against enemies, capturing war gates and controlling their, hits, ISS ships and marauder bays all offer a chance to get hold of these artefacts, each of which can give a temporary or a permanent effect to the user. Artefacts come in three different classifications:

Basic – Stable but minor effects

Compound – Strong negative and positive effects

Legendary – Rare, extremely powerful, particularly hard to acquire


Players are able to unite under one banner with their allies and form a clan to create a more organised command structure. Every member has their own personal credentials, responsibilities and duties within the clan and their success, influence and coordination is shown on the visual Imperial map as clans fight to take control of ancient machines (Emitters) that are strewn across this desolate wasteland as they compete to be at the top of the clan ranks.

System Requirement

Web Browser



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