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  • Pirates Tides of Fortune: The Good & The Bad
  • Pirates Tides of Fortune: The Good & The Bad Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a browser-based free to play MMO where players build up their own settlement and engage other players in PVP. With its pirate theme, players can build up their fleets of pirate crews and battle across the seven seas,...


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  1. Frank May 11, 2016 at 3:32 AM -

    Why don’t you report on the way that Plarium has price manipulation encoded, so with every couple of purchases, the minimum price for a package increases? You may get a bit more in the next package but if you can only afford the $4.95 Package they take it away and only give you a $9.90 Package you you can’t buy anything. Kinda traps people. Sure it’s advertised as a free game, but with all the players spending money, you either have to quit or spend money yourself.

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