Pirates Tides of Fortune

Pirates Tides of Fortune


Pirates Tides of Fortune is a free to play pirate themed Strategy MMO allows players to build their own Pirate Haven where they will be able to assemble their own fleet and crew of Pirate mercenaries as they take to the seven seas tracking down lucrative ships and other rival Pirate Captains in the form of other players. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed directly through your Internet browser.


- Build up your own Pirate Haven
- Construct various buildings that offer numerous advantages
- Assemble your own fleet of ships and raise a crew
- Make fantastic Discoveries and unlock new technologies
- Handle your resources and manage your own island
- Attack challenging AI or rival players for booty
- Free to play
- Browser-based strategy gameplay


Gameplay consists of players taking on the role of a Pirate Captain and is essentially a base building MMO where players must learn how to manage their own resources in the hopes of creating a lucrative and powerful Pirate Haven. With full control over the technological/discoveries advancement players will be able to customise their Haven as they see fit, focusing on the elements that are most important to them from combat, diplomacy or trade. Players can play for casual fun or compete against each other in competitive PVP for leaderboard ranking.

Players must level up during the game and earn XP, which in turn will give them access to new features and the ability to unlock other buildings, units and more.


The entire Haven revolves around three primary resources that as a Pirate Captain you are responsible for acquiring and managing as they are used in practically every action in the game:

Rum – this vital resource is created through the Rum Distillery building, essential for keeping your crew loyal, any Pirate worth his salt loves Rum and having them a little on drunk side makes them considerably more compliant and less likely to abandon your Haven

Timber - acquired from the foresters cutting down wood a Lumber Yard will turn this wood into usable timber, a vital component to shipbuilding and the construction of other buildings in the Haven

Gold - by placing a Gold Mine on the veins of gold ore players will get a steady stream of gold, used to purchase a variety of items needed to ensure your Haven runs smoothly

As well as the typical production buildings players can also acquire resources through the completion of quests and tasks, that will also yield XP, as well as being able to plunder it from AI and other players Havens.


Pirate Captains have access to 4 different NPC advisers to aid on assembling a crew, building up trade, negotiating diplomatic options and advancing technologies. This last advisor is the Tinker who will allow players to gain access to new Discoveries that will advance the players base giving them access to various units, features, buildings and fortifications. The Discovery tree offers a wealth of technologies to unlock, each having prerequisite technologies that must be discovered first as players progress down the tree. Each day the Tinker will give the player a Sketch that they must login to acquire and once they have acquired the prerequisite number of Sketches to unlock a particular Discovery then they can gain access to it.


There are a wide variety of units that players will gradually unlock and add to their available crew that have their own vitals, typically focusing them on a defensive or offensive role whether to attack other players and AI or defend a Pirate Captains own Haven. New players do not need to worry about being attacked as they have new player protection until they reach a certain level or have had an account for a set amount of time, giving them a chance to learn the ropes before throwing them out into the dangerous world.

When making an attack a player can send out a crew to either a rival Haven or attacking one of the various ships that will offer plenty of resources if the attack is successful. Players are able to determine how many units make an attack and then the fleet will travel to that location, the amount of time it takes is dependent on how far away the target is and what upgrades the player has managed to unlock to increase their ships speed.

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO

PLATFORM: Web Browser



Web Browser


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