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  • 1-Day VIP Code Guns and Robots Giveaway
  •   Christmas is almost here and the 2014 is almost over, but before it happens, we have a new giveaway for you, a 1-day VIP code for Guns and Robots. Once you activate it, you will have access to all the VIP advantages of the game, such as more XP and credits.   To get...
  • Halloween Guns and Robots Masquerade Giveaway
  •   Halloween is almost here and, just on time to celebrate it properly, we are giving away paint components for your halloween costumes in Guns and Robots. It's also a great opportunity to play for the first time if you don't know this title where robots fight each other in really fun...
  • Guns and Robots Premium Currency Giveaway
  •   Wether you are already a player of Guns and Robots or you are thinking about being one, this is the giveaway you were waiting for. We are giving away codes ($1,2 value) with 100 sparks - the in-game premium currency used to buy robot parts, unique devices, avatars, drones and much...


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