Updates Coming to Zombies Monsters Robots


Zombies Monsters Robots (known as Hazard Ops in Europe) has been recently improved with two updates - Mercs vs. Monsters and Mummy See Mummy Doom -, but there are more things around the corner. And here we have an early look at what's to come.

The past two updates brought a new PvP mode, six new maps, new enemies and guns and a new competitive mode. Something quite incredible for a relatively new title. En Masse is working really hard to provide players with a really good experience, and we are really satisfied.

Today we just got access to some new screenshots and got a glimpse of what's in store: the Threshold defense mode, an action-packed mech combat (which we already saw some days ago talking about Hazard Ops); an infectious zombie mode and a dinosaur hunting mode. Crazy!

Check out the screenshots right here. And if you want to know more about this title, click on the "info" button below:


ZMR_Threshold_02 ZMR_Threshold_01 ZMR_Mechs_02 ZMR_Mechs_01 ZMR_Infection_1 ZMR_Dinosaurs_02 ZMR_Dinosaurs_01

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