Twin Saga dangerous dungeons and more

Twin Saga: An increased level cap, dangerous dungeons and more!
Twin Saga dangerous dungeons and more

In its latest patch, the Anime RPG not only introduces two additional zones and seasonal events, but also raised the level cap for ambitious adventurers.

Gamigo's colorful MMORPG Twin Saga takes players into enchanted new areas and features spooky events. The lovely Senshi Luna gets a spine-chillingly look to match the season and accompanies players on their journey through two previously undiscovered zones, Exile Desert and the Sunless Forest.

Twin Saga: An increased level cap, dangerous dungeons and more!

The new level cap to 100 brings fresh challenges for Twin Saga's most experienced heroes. Swift archers and cunning rogues can embark on fantastical adventures and unearth valuable treasures in the mythical dungeon, Ancient God Altar, before participating in one of three entertaining in-game events and celebrating Halloween with their friends.

Powerful new class talents for awakened players help foolhardy warriors stand up against fearsome monsters and collect plenty of loot. This and much more is coming in the latest patch!

More information about the update and Twin Saga can be found on Twin Saga.

Source : Gamigo - Gamigo Group - Aeria Games - Twin Saga - X-Legend Entretainment

Twin Saga is a Free to play Anime Fantasy MMORPG.

Twin Saga is a journey through a Anime fantasy realm of monsters and magic where players step into the boots of the hero of the story, choosing from a variety of classes they must battle their way through numerous environments helping those who need it along the way as they prepare to face off against an ultimate evil. The game sees elements of questing, PVE, PVP and crafting and is a colourful anime style Anime MMORPG suitable for most ages.

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